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What to do if a dog attacks you

Written by Adrian Worthington, published 03-24-23 Prevent dog attack

Here are 10 steps on what to do if you are faced with an aggressive dog. While dogs are known to be “man’s best friend,” unfamiliar dogs can also be unpredictable and attack unexpectedly. Here are some tips to help you ward off a dog attack if the dog owners are not around.

Step 1 – Do not panic

It’s crucial to remain calm and collected when faced with an aggressive dog. Panicking will only make things worse and potentially provoke the dog to attack. Instead, take a deep breath and try to remain as calm as possible.

Step 2 – Stay still and remain stiff

When confronting an aggressive dog, making yourself rigid and motionless is an essential tactic. It’s because dogs are more likely to attack moving targets, so remaining still can help prevent the dog from attacking you.

Step 3 – Do not try to run away

Dogs have a strong prey drive, and running away will only trigger that instinct, making you an easy target. Instead, face the dog and try to remain calm.

Step 4 – Distract the dog with another object

One of the best ways to distract an aggressive dog is by throwing an object away from you, such as a ball or stick. This will divert the dog’s attention away from you, giving you the opportunity to get away safely.

Step 5 – Face the dog head on and command it to stop

If the dog is advancing towards you, firmly tell it to “back off” while facing it. Dogs respond well to assertive body language and commands.

Step 6 – Use an alarm against the attacking dog

A personal alarm can be a useful tool in warding off an attacking dog. Our alarms emit a high pitched noise to startle and scare the dog away.

DUO 3 in 1 Alarm Deterrent

The DUO pictured is unique in the fact one end lets out an earpeaircing 138db sound alarm but the base also sprays a VV dye with a foul odour, to further deter the animal.

Step 7 – Fight back against an attacking dog

If the dog is attacking you, try to defend yourself by hitting it in the nose or eyes. This will help to deter the dog and give you the opportunity to get away.

Step 8 – Use your weight to your advantage

If the dog is on top of you, try to use your body weight to your advantage. Roll onto your stomach and use your knees to hurt and push the dog away.

Step 9 – Protect your face, chest, and throat

When fighting off an attacking dog, it’s essential to protect your face, chest, and throat. These areas are the most vulnerable and can lead to serious injury if attacked.

Step 10 – Leave the area slowly and carefully

After the attack is over, it’s crucial to leave the area slowly and carefully. Do not run away or turn your back on the dog. Instead, move away slowly while keeping an eye on the dog.

Warding off an attack is a crucial skill to have, especially when it comes to defending yourself against an aggressive dog. Remember to remain calm, make yourself motionless, distract the dog with an object, face the dog and command it to back away, fight back if necessary, use your weight to your advantage, protect your vulnerable areas, and leave the area slowly and carefully.

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