The ultimate Personal Alarm!

Featuring an impressive range of innovative functions packed into one product; including passive infrared, light sensor, vibration sensor and warning alarms! This amazing device ensures that you are alerted to potential security threats. Plus, its Bluetooth capability keeps your loved ones and valuables within a safe distance, while the built-in flashlight and SOS function provide added security in any situation.


  • Passive Infrared Alarm: Detects the movement of intruders or animals within a 10-meter protective zone, triggering a 3-minute alarm.
  • Light Trigger Alarm: When placed in a dark environment like a drawer, safe, handbag or wardrobe, the alarm will sound when they are opened and exposed to light.
  • Vibration Alarm: Detects if it is moved. For example; it can be hung from a door handle and it will immediately sound an alarm if someone attempts to open the door.
  • Warning Function: Enhance your safety during night runs or bicycle rides with alternating red and white lights. Velcro straps are included.
  • Bluetooth Anti-Lost: Connect it to your mobile device and the alarm will sound if your children or valuables stray more than 10 meters.
  • Flashlight Function: The built-in LED lights serve as a portable torch, ensuring that you have a light source in dark places.
  • SOS Function: In dangerous situations, simply press the SOS button to activate a loud 130 decibel alarm and deter potential threats.

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Introducing: The Walk Easy Protector – your 7-in-1 safety solution. This incredible device goes above and beyond to not only keep you safe, but also your possessions and your loved ones.
Incorporating some remarkable features.

The ‘Protector’ that has 7 safety solutions to help keep you and your possessions safe! The infrared alarm detects intruders or animals within a 10-meter protective zone. The light alarm activates when it is moved from a dark environments to light, ideal for keeping drawers or bags secure. The vibration alarm will sound if a door is opened or a bag is moved. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth alarm ensures the safety of kids or bags when they stray beyond a 10-meter radius from your phone.

In addition to these essentials, The Protector also boasts a super loud 130 decibel SOS alarm as well as a flashing light which makes it ideal for cyclists, runners and walkers, it also has a handy LED torch. This compact device offers incredible safety potential for various situations, making it an invaluable companion for your security needs.

The Walk Easy Protector is USB rechargeable, with a low power indicator, and is water resistant.

Measuring just 43mm x 48mm x 32mm

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Weight 24 g



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