Releases a 3 metre+ jet of a thick, sticky purple dye along with a foul odour and an ultraviolet marker!

The PURPLE ALERT; a UK Legal Alternative to Pepper Spray:

  • Sprays a 3 metre+ sticky purple dye, foul odour and an ultra violet marker.
  • A purple dye, which marks the attacker.
  • A foul odour, to distract the attacker and leave an odour on their person.
  • An ultraviolet dye, so the attacker can be identified under a UV lamp such as those used by the Police.
  • UK legal alternative to Pepper Spray.
  • Contents: 40ml; not a one shot product (depending on use)
  • Made in the UK.
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Introducing the Walk Easy Purple Alert Attack Deterrent – your reliable companion for personal safety.

The PURPLE Alert Attack Deterrent releases a 3 metre+ jet of foul smelling purple dye, as well as an ultraviolet marker!

Designed with your convenience in mind, the secure ‘twist and lock’ cap prevents accidental activation when carried in your pocket or bag. Activation is a breeze – simply twist the cap to the ‘ON’ position and press down to release a 3 metre+ stream of purple dye with an ultraviolet marker.

Walk Easy with confidence – choose the Walk Easy Purple Alert Assault Deterrent for your personal safety needs.

Order direct from the UK manufacturer today.


Sister product Red alert in action!


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