The Pebble Personal Alarm


Loudest battery alarm we sell

The Pebble Alarm is an incredibly loud electronic alarm, with built in rechargeable battery. Its ergonomically designed to feel nice in the hand and has a really bright light with two LED lamp beads to use as a torch or strobe.

The Pebble personal alarm can reach 140db – The loudest battery operated personal alarm.


  • Super loud 140db alarm
  • Torch facility
  • Rechargeable battery with USB charging cable (supplied)
  • Colour light to show battery charge
  • 2 way activation – push button or pull out pin

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The Pebble Personal Alarm is the loudest battery operated personal alarm letting off an ear piercing 140db alarm to confuse and scare off any potential attacker and draw attention to the situation.

The alarm has 2 way activation either by pushing the button or by pulling out the pin and the built-in rechargeable battery can be charged with the supplied usb charging cable. This ergonomically designed alarm feels nice in the hand and also features a really bright torch with two LEDs, and is the brightest torch on any alarm we sell.

Press the SOS button once to turn on the torch, press it again to turn off the torch. Press the button twice quickly to activate the alarm and strobe light.

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