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The UK’s Safe and Effective Alternative to Pepper Spray

Written by Adrian Worthington, published 03-17-23 RED ALERT ATTACK PROTECTION

Are you concerned about your personal safety while out and about? Look no further than the Walkeasy Red Alert Alarm. The UK’s Safe and Effective Alternative to Pepper Spray is now available with or Without foul smelling odour along with a 3 metre+ jet of thick, sticky red dye and an ultraviolet marker.

The Walkeasy Red Alert Alarm is a UK legal alternative to pepper spray. It provides an effective and safe means of deterring potential attackers without the risks associated with pepper spray. The alarm produces a 3 metre+ thick, sticky liquid containing a deterrent that sprays red dye, a foul odour (if chosen), and an ultraviolet marker for police detection.


The red dye marks the attacker, making it easier for law enforcement to identify them. The foul odour (if chosen) is designed to distract the attacker and leave an odour on their person, making them easier to track. The ultraviolet marker allows the attacker to be identified under a UV lamp such as those used by the Police. In addition, the alarm is pointed towards the assailant, which creates additional confusion in the mind of the attacker.

The Walkeasy Red Alert Alarm is a personal safety device that’s ideal for anyone concerned about their safety while out and about. It’s particularly useful for women who may feel vulnerable in certain situations. The alarm is compact, portable, and easy to use.

The Walkeasy Red Alert Alarm is an excellent personal safety device that provides a safe and effective means of deterring potential attackers. It’s a UK legal alternative to pepper spray and provides an added layer of security when out and about. The option of having or not having a foul smelling odour feature, along with the red dye and ultraviolet marker, makes it an even more versatile and effective deterrent. Don’t wait until it’s too late, get your Walkeasy Red Alert Alarm today!

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  • An alarm scared off a gunman disguised as a postman who threatened to rob a female director in her Leigh home

    Southend Evening Echo
  • "I have one of your Walk Easy Alarms. I have used it in an attack and it worked."

    Mrs M.H, Yorkshire
  • Years ago when I was on the buses in Hemel Hempstead, I was provided with a WE900 safety alarm which, unbelievably after 15 years, is still working. I will be ordering some more from your website

    Brenda Custance, New Zealand
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