Personal alarm worn on the wrist.

The Wrist Mate Personal Alarm is simple to use dual action personal alarm; simply strap to your wrist and push the button to activate the ear-splitting alarm and flashing strobe LED.

The Wrist Mate is perfect for use when jogging or out on a dog walk when you don’t want to carry an alarm in your hand or on your keys.


  • Super loud 125db alarm
  • Flashing Strobe LED Light
  • Battery operated (supplied)
  • Adjustable silicon strap
  • Push Button activation
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The Walk Easy Wrist Mate personal alarm is designed to be worn on the wrist like a watch so its always to hand and ready for instant use. It can be used as a deterrent against attack or as an alert for help should you need it. The adjustable silicone wristband fits any size of wrist and is soft and comfortable to wear all day long, while the push button action is easy to operate even when wearing gloves.

The push button action activates the super loud 125db alarm, which is supported by a flashing LED strobe light deterring attackers and alerting passers-by that you are in distress.

The Wrist Mate Personal Alarm is a great deterrent to use when going for a jog or walking your dog when you don’t want to carry an alarm or fumble for a key ring.

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