BOUNCER Attack Deterrent


The Walk Easy Bouncer Attack Deterrent

Sprays an ultraviolet marker and a foul odour!

The Bouncer is simply operated by pressing down on the recessed part of the cap. Simply release to stop.


  • Dimensions: 35mm x 110mm
  • Total weight: 65gm
  • Propellant: Non toxic and non flammable
  • Made in the UK
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The Walk Easy Bouncer Attack Deterrent

The Bouncer Attack Deterrent helps to deter the most determined attacker with a UV spray and odour! – Described as a legal alternative to Pepper Spray.

The Amazing Dual Action Personal Attack Deterrent. The Walk Easy WE331 BOUNCER is UK made and a popular alternative to a pepper spray. Reassuringly safe, easy to carry and simple to use. A Dual Action that emits a foul odour AND an ultraviolet spray. The odour acts to disorientate and mark an attacker and the ultraviolet material adheres to the attacker and can be later identified by using an ultraviolet light, as used by the Police.

The BOUNCER contains no hazardous ingredients, it is non toxic and non flammable. Keep safe, deter attackers with The Walk Easy WE331 BOUNCER.

Additional information

Ultraviolet Spray Marker


Foul Odour



110mm x 35mm

Total Weight:



Non toxic and non flammable


Made in the UK


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