Cool minimalist design with soft-touch finish

The Guardian Personal Alarm is super simple with a simple pull pin that ensures no messing about looking for buttons, just pull to activate the 130-decibel alarm and attention-grabbing strobe light giving extra security in the dark hours. Looks great hanging from a handbag, key ring or dog lead


  • Super Loud 130db Alarm
  • Cool Minimalist Design
  • Soft-touch Plastic Finish
  • Flashing Light on Activation
  • Torch feature, including flashing option
  • Easy Pull Pin Activation – ideal for attaching to a dog lead, handbag etc. (includes a carabiner)
  • Weatherproof
  • Batteries included (3 x LR44)

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The Walk Easy Guardian Personal Alarm is our new electronic alarm finished in a lovely soft-touch plastic to add a real feel of quality.  The cool minimalist design looks great hanging from any handbag, dog lead or key chain.

As well as an ear-piercing 130 decibel alarm the Guardian Personal Alarm when activated, will also produce a flashing LED strobe light to disorientate an attacker and alert bystanders should you find yourself in a threatening situation.

Easily activated, the Guardian Personal Alarm and dog theft deterrent not only looks good but is simple to use in the case of an emergency.

The Guardian can also be used as a torch without activating the alarm, it also has as a flashing LED torch option.

The Walk Easy Guardian is also weatherproof, making it particularly ideal for outdoor use, such as dog walkers, joggers etc.

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