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Unleashing the Power of Purple: Introducing the PURPLE ALERT Attack Deterrent

Written by Katie Parkins, published 02-21-24 PURPLE ALERT rape alarm

Introducing our new product – The PURPLE ALERT Attack Deterrent is a take on our super successful Red Alert and stands out as a beacon of protection, offering a formidable defence mechanism that is both effective and legally sound. So lets take a look into the details of this groundbreaking personal attack deterrent.

The Purple Powerhouse: What Sets PURPLE ALERT Apart?

1. A Colourful Defence: Sticky Purple dye, and Ultraviolet Marker

At the heart of the PURPLE ALERT is its unique composition. When deployed, it releases a 3-metre+ jet of a thick, sticky purple dye, that immediately deters potential threats. Complementing this, the dye marks the attacker, leaving a lasting impression.

2. Nose-Wincing Deterrence: Foul Odour for Maximum Impact

Beyond the visual assault, the PURPLE ALERT incorporates a foul odour that serves two crucial purposes. Firstly, it distracts the attacker, buying precious moments for the user to escape or seek help. Secondly, it leaves an unmistakable scent on the assailant, aiding in post-incident identification.

3. Undercover Identification: Ultraviolet Marker for Precision

Adding a layer of sophistication, the product includes an ultraviolet marker. This feature ensures that the attacker can be easily identified under UV lamps, similar to those employed by law enforcement agencies. It’s a covert measure that significantly enhances the chances of apprehending attackers.

The Legal Edge: PURPLE ALERT as a UK-Approved Alternative

4. Navigating Legality: A UK-Approved Defensive Solution

Pepper sprays may pose legal challenges, but the PURPLE ALERT provides a legal alternative for self-defence in the UK. Crafted with adherence to local regulations, users can confidently embrace this safeguard without the fear of legal repercussions. For more information read our article about rape alarm laws and usage.

5. Homegrown Assurance: Made in the UK

Supporting local innovation, the PURPLE ALERT is proudly made in the UK. This not only ensures product quality but also contributes to the growth of the domestic security industry.

Purple Alert: A valuable asset in Personal Safety

As we navigate the intricacies of personal safety, the PURPLE ALERT emerges as a revolutionary solution. Its multi-faceted defence mechanism, coupled with its legal standing, sets it apart from conventional alternatives. In a world where safety is non-negotiable, this UK-made innovation offers a compelling answer.

If Purples your thing: Try our Trident Alarm

Another of our most popular alarms that recently featured as a top choice on the BBC’s Morning Live segment on personal safety is our Trident Personal Alarm – Another multi action rape alarm which upon activation produces an ear-piercing 138+ decibel sound output and releases a repelling odour and an ultraviolet tracer.

If you favour red over purple, we offer the Red Alert. It dispenses the same adhesive dye but in red instead of purple. Additionally, this product provides you with the choice of having the foul-smelling odor or opting for a version without it.

In a world where safety is non-negotiable, we believe you have a right to feel safe without the worry of sexual harassment or attack, we hope you never have to use our products, but it could be the best money you ever spend.

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  • An alarm scared off a gunman disguised as a postman who threatened to rob a female director in her Leigh home

    Southend Evening Echo
  • "I have one of your Walk Easy Alarms. I have used it in an attack and it worked."

    Mrs M.H, Yorkshire
  • Years ago when I was on the buses in Hemel Hempstead, I was provided with a WE900 safety alarm which, unbelievably after 15 years, is still working. I will be ordering some more from your website

    Brenda Custance, New Zealand
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