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The Walk Easy TRIDENT Personal Alarm features on BBC Morning Live

Written by Katie Parkins, published 01-17-24 TRIDENT Personal Alarm

We were thrilled to see our TRIDENT personal attack alarm featured on the BBC Morning Live program. Our Trident Alarm, proudly made in the UK received recognition for its triple-action defence mechanism.

As featured on BBC Morning Live:

The TRIDENT Personal Alarm recently received a glowing review on the BBC Morning Live program. The highlighted feature which aired on 15th January, accessible here, delved into concerning statistics regarding the escalating crime rates. The segment, airing at the 30-minute mark, focuses on personal crimes and features Crime Watch Live presenter and former police officer Rav Wilding. During this segment Wilding discusses crime figures related to personal attacks and robberies. Providing advice on how to keep yourself safe, Ray presented some of the best safety products on the market, one of which being our very own Trident Triple Action Personal Alarm. He details the advantages of the Trident alarm to fellow presenters Gethin Jones and Helen Skelton, emphasising its status among top safety products.

The TRIDENT is portrayed as a reliable and value-driven choice, with them highlighting the unique 138+ decibel alarm being louder than a Jumbo Jet taking off. The segment underscores the product’s standout features and positions it as an effective solution for personal safety.

Key Features:

  1. Ear-Piercing Sound: Upon activation, the TRIDENT unleashes a formidable 138+ decibel sound, instantly drawing attention to your situation.
  2. Repelling Odour: Adding another layer to its defense, the alarm releases a repelling odour, creating an unwelcome atmosphere for potential attackers.
  3. Ultraviolet Tracer: Setting it apart, the TRIDENT incorporates an ‘invisible’ ultraviolet UV tracer, marking the assailant discreetly and aiding in their identification.

Designed for simplicity and reliability, the TRIDENT is user-friendly. ‘Light’ press for a short blast or ‘firm’ press to lock the cap down for continuous output, even if dropped.

Triple Action Defence:

The synergy of the ear-piercing sound, odour, and UV tracer creates an environment that discourages attackers, compelling them to abandon their potential crime scene.

Safety Without Compromise:

The TRIDENT is not just powerful but safe. Made in the UK, it contains no hazardous ingredients; it is non-toxic and non-flammable, prioritising your well-being.

We believe that the right to feel safe and secure is not a privilege but a fundamental right. Our mission is to assist people in enhancing their sense of safety in their daily lives, whether at work, during a night out, or simply while walking the dog.

For over 30 years, our award-winning personal alarms have played a crucial role in protecting over 7 million people worldwide. These alarms have been trusted by universities, hotel chains, organisations such as the NHS and police and crime enforcement officers. We express our gratitude to the BBC for highlighting the uniqueness of our product in the realm of personal safety products. Their coverage has not only highlighted our distinctive offering but has also brought attention to the topic of personal security, which holds such significant importance for us.

If you would like to benefit from the security of a Walk Easy Trident personal alarm you can purchase yours here

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  • An alarm scared off a gunman disguised as a postman who threatened to rob a female director in her Leigh home

    Southend Evening Echo
  • "I have one of your Walk Easy Alarms. I have used it in an attack and it worked."

    Mrs M.H, Yorkshire
  • Years ago when I was on the buses in Hemel Hempstead, I was provided with a WE900 safety alarm which, unbelievably after 15 years, is still working. I will be ordering some more from your website

    Brenda Custance, New Zealand
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