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How To Protect Yourself from Sexual Assault or Harassment on Summer Holiday

Written by Adrian Worthington, published 07-14-23 Stay safe on holiday

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to best protect yourself from sexual assault or harassment while enjoying your summer holidays. It’s crucial to prioritise personal safety and take proactive measures to ensure a secure and enjoyable travel experience. In this guide, we will provide you with a detailed checklist of preventive measures, including what to pack and how to act when in a foreign country. By following these steps, you can empower yourself and minimise the risks associated with sexual assault and harassment.

Research and Plan

Before embarking on your summer holiday, conduct thorough research about your destination. Understand the local culture, customs, and any potential safety concerns specific to the area. Here are some essential steps to consider:

Packing Essentials

Having the right items in your travel bag can significantly contribute to your safety and peace of mind. Consider including the following essentials:

Safety Tips When Abroad

When in a foreign country, it’s essential to adapt to the local environment and adopt specific safety measures. Here are some actionable tips to follow:

Personal Safety Practices

In addition to external factors, personal safety practices play a crucial role in minimizing the risk of sexual assault or harassment. Follow these best practices:

Reporting and Seeking Help

If, despite your best efforts, you find yourself in an unsafe or compromising situation, remember these steps:

Maximum enjoyment

By adhering to the preventive measures outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can proactively reduce the risk of sexual assault or harassment, enabling you to fully enjoy your summer holiday. Remember, prioritising personal safety is crucial. Stay informed, plan ahead, and trust your instincts for a secure, empowering, and unforgettable travel experience. For additional assistance and to get into the holiday spirit, check out our step by step guide on the best way to pack your suitcase and our invaluable holiday packing checklist to ensure you don’t overlook any essentials for your vacation.

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