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What is the best personal alarm to keep you safe? 

Written by Adrian Worthington, published 12-01-21 WALK-EASY-PERSONAL-ALARMS

Safety is a top priority for all of our customers at Walk Easy Personal Alarms. That’s why we have a wide selection of personal alarms to suit your individual needs with an alarm to keep you safe in any situation.

Recently there have been a number of high profile attacks on individuals, reminding us that safety concerns are not limited to specific times or locations. Whether you’re walking home from work, taking a stroll with your dog, closing up shop after a long day, or walking home from school, it’s important to have a personal alarm that meets your requirements.

So, let’s take a closer look at the different types of personal alarms also known rape alarms, we offer at Walk Easy Alarms, and see which features suit you best.

Canister Personal Alarms 

Our canister personal alarms are designed for either continuous single-use when ‘locked on’ or in multiple use of up to 100 short bursts. They can be pointed at an attacker to act as an additional visual deterrent, and also release a spray directly at an attacker to prevent an attack. The intimidating design and multiple options (including spray, odour, sound, and identifiers) make them a great option for those looking for an extra layer of protection. Plus, they’re made in the UK and are battery-free for added convenience.

Other advantages of canister personal alarms: 

So, what is the right canister personal alarm to keep me safe? 

There are eight canister personal alarms at WE Alarms, each alarm is designed to keep you safe in different ways. 

1.  Personal Attack Alarm 


Our original alarm, the Personal Attack Alarm a trusted and reliable personal protection device. With a 138+ decibel sound, it can be directed at an attacker to unleash an ear-splitting alarm. Recommended by the police and security advisors, over 5 million units have been sold worldwide since 1985. The device can be operated in short, sharp bursts or locked on to produce a continuous sound. It serves as an audible deterrent and alerts any bystanders to an attack. With this alarm, there is no need to direct the device at the attacker.

The benefits of using the Personal Attack Alarm: 

2.  Trident Triple Action Personal Alarm 

TRIDENT Personal Alarm

The Trident Triple Action Personal Alarm is a multi-functional device that provides a triple threat to attackers. It produces a 138+ decibel sound, an unpleasant odor, and an invisible UV tracer. All three features combine to create an overwhelming environment for the attacker. The alarm can be operated in short, sharp bursts or locked for continuous output. It is a handheld device that serves as an audible deterrent and has an invisible UV tracer to aid in tracking the assailant.

The benefits of using the Trident Triple Action Personal Alarm: 

3.  Repell Personal Attack Deterrent 


The Repell Personal Attack Deterrent is the perfect device to direct towards any attackers. It produces a foul smell as well as a yellow fluorescent dye. The device attacks multiple senses and allows the easy identification of criminals on video surveillance.


The benefits of using the Repel Personal attack Deterrent: 

4.  Red Alert Attack Deterrent 


The Red Alert Attack Deterrent is another triple threat directed device. The Red Alert shoots a jet of red dye over 3 metres, producing a foul odour, and a UV marker to assist law enforcement in identification. 

The benefits of using the Red Alert Attack Deterrent: 

5.  Alert Dual Personal Attack Alarm 


Alert Dual Personal Attack Alarm distracts and marks attackers. The device distracts with an ear-piercing 138+ decibel sound and marks with an ultraviolet spray that law enforcement can use to identify attackers. 

The benefits of using the Alert Dual Personal Attack Alarm: 

6.  Duo Personal Attack Alarm 

DUO 3 in 1 Alarm Deterrent

The Duo Personal Attack Alarm is similar to the Alert Dual Personal alarm, however as well as an ear-piercing sound and ultraviolet spray it produces a foul odour. Unlike the previous entry, this two in one device can be activated individually or both at the same time.  

The benefits of using the Duo Personal Attack Alarm: 

7.  Bouncer Attack Deterrent 

BOUNCER Personal Alarm

The Bouncer Attack Deterrent is designed to quickly produce a foul odour and a UV spray. The odour is ideal for distracting attackers while the ultraviolet spray makes it easy for law enforcement to identify the assailant. 

The benefits of using the Bouncer Attack Deterrent: 

8.  DNA Personal Attack Deterrent 


The DNA Personal Attack Deterrent uses DNA tracking to identify any assailant to your DNA. There would be no question of the identity of your attacker with this personal defence device. It emits a DNA marker that is unique to your device and it will produce a loud 138+ decibel sound to scare your attacker away. 

The benefits of using a DNA Personal Attack Deterrent: 

9. Keyring Dog Lead Alarm

Key Ring Dog Lead Alarm

The Keyring Dog Lead Alarm is small enough to be attached to a keyring, but its also robust enough to hang permanently from a dog lead so its always at hand. It may be small but it will produce a sound output of 138+ decibels!

The benefits of using a Keyring Dog Lead Alarm:

Electronic Personal Alarms 

Electronic personal alarms are a subtle yet effective option for personal protection. Designed to blend in, these alarms can be easily attached to a bag or dog lead, making them readily accessible in an emergency. They may not have the same intimidating appearance as our canister alarms, but they pack a powerful punch with their loud noise and strobe effects, which can confuse and disorient attackers, attract attention, and ultimately scare them away, 

Other advantages of battery personal alarms: 

What is the right battery personal alarm to keep me safe? 

There are four types of battery personal alarms at WE Alarms that keep you safe in different ways. 

1.  Protector 7-in-1 Alarm 

We Alarm Protector 7-in-1 Personal alarm

The Protector Alarm has 7 safety features in one alarm. The Infrared alarm detects intruders in a 10m zone. Light alarm secures drawers or bags when transitioning from dark to light. Vibration alarm responds to door or bag movements. Bluetooth alarm keeps kids or bags near your phone. The Protector includes a 130dB SOS alarm, a flashing light for safety, and a handy torch. It’s compact, versatile, and USB rechargeable, offering peace of mind. 

The benefits of using the Mini Key-ring Personal Alarm: 

2.  Mini Keyring Personal Alarm 

Mini personal rape alarm

The Mini Keyring Personal Alarm is a police and Sold Secure approved personal alarm packs a powerful punch, emitting 140 decibels of sound when activated. Its simple design features a separate key-ring to prevent accidental activation, and also includes a convenient LED torch. Compact and easy to use, this personal alarm is a must-have for anyone looking to stay safe. 

The benefits of using the Mini Key-ring Personal Alarm: 

 3.  Pebble Personal Alarm 

The Pebble Personal alarm

The Pebble Personal Alarm is the loudest battery operated personal alarm letting off an ear piercing 140db alarm to confuse and scare off any potential attacker and draw attention to the situation. 

The alarm has 2 way activation either by pushing the button or by pulling out the pin and the built-in rechargeable battery can be charged with the supplied usb charging cable. This ergonomically designed alarm feels nice in the hand and also features a really bright torch with two LEDs, and is the brightest torch on any alarm we sell.

The benefits of using the Pebble Personal Alarm: 

 4.  Twilight Personal Alarm 

Twilight Personal Alarm

The Twilight Personal Alarm is a stylish contemporary design finished in matt black soft-touch plastic designed to look as good hanging from your bag on a night out as it does on your rucksack, schoolbag or dog lead. It’s easy to use, simply pull the key chain to activate the 130-decibel alarm the alarm also contains a flashing strobe light to add extra attention and disorientate an attacker. Fully weatherproof the Twilight personal alarm is also perfectly suited for outdoor pursuits.  

The benefits of using a Guardian Personal Alarm: 

 5.  Guardian Personal Alarm 

Guardian Personal Rape Alarm

The Guardian Personal Alarm is slightly bulkier than the previous alarm, but it has a couple of additional features. It easily hangs from bags and it has a brighter torch. The more contemporary, minimalist design allows it to fit in with many accessories. As a personal alarm, the ring pull activation gives a quick response to a tense situation with the 130 decibel sound packing a punch. 

The benefits of using a Guardian Personal Alarm: 

6.  SOS USB Rechargeable Personal Alarm 

The SOS USB Rechargeable Personal Alarm does what it says on the alarm, and much more. The stylish look is designed to look good hanging off a bag, with an LED light for walking in the dark that doubles as a strobe to confuse an attacker. You can recharge via the USB port so you have no worry about running out of battery. It produces a loud sound of 130 decibels to scare off any potential attackers.

The benefits of using the SOS USB Rechargeable Personal Alarm: 

7.  Loveheart Personal Alarm 

Loveheart Personal Alarm

The Loveheart Personal Alarm is simple to use; simply pull on the key chain to activate the ear-splitting alarm. Deactivate the alarm by compressing the pin back to the original position.

The Loveheart is a fun design available in 2 great colours and looks great hanging from a rucksack, bag, dog lead or keys.

The benefits of using the Loveheart Personal Alarm: 

8.  Ladybird Personal Alarm 

Ladybird Personal Alarm

The Ladybird Personal Alarm is a quirky, and effective addition to personal alarms. It looks like a ladybird, so can hang from any bag or dog lead and appear to at over 130 decibels to further confuse and spook an attacker.  

The benefits of using the Ladybird Personal Alarm: 

9.  Wrist Mate Personal Alarm 

Wrist Mate Personal Alarm

The Wrist Mate Personal Alarm is simple to use dual action personal alarm; simply strap to your wrist and push the button to activate the ear-splitting alarm and flashing strobe LED.

The Wrist Mate is perfect for use when jogging or out on a dog walk when you don’t want to carry an alarm in your hand or on your keys.

The benefits of using the Wrist Mate Personal Alarm: 

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