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Subway Shirts: Women Taking a Stand Against Unwanted Attention on public transport

Written by Adrian Worthington, published 05-17-23 Sexual harrasment on the underground

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, women across America are adopting a unique strategy to reclaim their comfort and safety in public spaces. In response to the unwarranted attention they often face while wearing summer clothing, women in the US have started donning extra large T-shirts, affectionately known as “subway shirts,” as a shield against unwanted advances from men. This empowering trend has our attention, and we admire the resourcefulness and resilience displayed by these women.

The growing movement of wearing subway shirts serves as a powerful statement against the objectification and harassment that many women endure on a daily basis on public transport. These oversized garments are warn over their clothes are simply removed when they reach their destination. Wearing these ‘subway shirts’ on the train provide a physical and visual barrier, allowing women to feel more secure and confident while expressing themselves in their chosen attire. It perfectly addresses the issue of unwanted attention, and sexual harassment on public transport. These women are taking control of their personal safety and promoting a culture of respect and empowerment.

As we witness the impact of this trend in the United States, we wonder if it will catch on over here. London is known for its bustling Underground system often faces similar challenges with heat in the summer and women’s safety. It will be interesting to see if the concept of subway shirts resonates with women in the London Underground? for further information about this trend read a great article in the Independent, which delves into more detail.

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