REPELL Personal Self Defence Attack Spray


Ultimate Attack Deterrent with Dye and Foul Odour.

The REPELL sprays a cloud of foul odour AND a yellow fluorescent dye. Both of these act to repel, disorientate and mark an attacker. The odour and dye are not easy to remove so they can be used to identify the attacker at a later date. The fluorescent dye is very visible under an ultraviolet light. Be safe, be confident, with your REPELL spray.

The REPELL contains no hazardous ingredients, it is non toxic and non flammable.

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Easy to use WE332 REPELL Personal Attack Deterrent

The REPELL Self Defence Spray is simply operated by pressing down on the recessed pat of the cap. Simply release to stop.

Our product in action!

Additional information

Yellow Fluorescent Dye


Foul Odour



110mm x 35mm

Total Weight:



Non toxic, non flammable and ozone friendly (conforms to EU Directive 3093/94)


Made in the UK


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