TRIGGA Electronic Personal Attack Alarm with Strobe


Upon activation the Trigga electronic personal alarm produces an extremely loud 138+ decibel sound alarm and a bright flashing LED strobe. It also has a torch facility.

The loud sound and flashing strobe act to repel and disorientate an attacker and to act as a shout for help.

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Walk Easy Trigga Electronic Personal Attack Alarm with Strobe

The Trigga has a switch with the choice of 3 settings:

  • A – With the switch in this position the alarm plus strobe light are ready to be activated by squeezing the trigger on the side of the alarm. The alarm will continue until the switch is set to position B.
  • B – Alarm is off
  • C – Turns on the torch facility

There is also a low battery warning function, when the alarm is set to positions A or C the low battery light will flash should the battery be low and in need of replacing.

Should you find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation then we advise that you carry the alarm in your hand with the switch set to position A ready to squeeze the trigger to activate the alarm/strobe if necessary.

Additional information

Sound Alarm:


Strobe Lighting





An incorporated clip to attach to pocket, belt etc


102mm x 56mm x 26mm

Total Weight:



Made from extremely tough ABS plastic

Battery included:

Heavy duty 9V


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