PERSONAL Attack Alarm


The Original Personal Attack Alarm!

The Walk Easy Personal Attack Alarm produces an ear piercing 138+ decibel sound output!

Made in the UK and our most popular seller of Personal Attack Alarm. Since its introduction in 1985, more than 5 million have been sold worldwide.

  • Dimensions: 35mm x 110mm
  • Weight: 62gms
  • Propellant: Non toxic, non flammable
  • Made in the UK
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The Walk Easy WE900 Personal Attack Alarm

Police and security advisers recommend the use of a personal alarm to minimise the threat of attacks, assault, mugging, animal attacks and even obscene phone calls. Be safe and be confident with your Walk Easy Personal Alarm.

It is operated by ‘lightly’ pressing down on the cap for a short blast of ‘firmly’ pressing down thereby locking the cap down to produce a continuous sound output, even if dropped to the ground.

It operates at any angle, even upside down and has a lock-down facility allowing continuous sound output even if it is dropped to the ground. 

Contains no hazardous ingredients, non toxic and non flammable. Order Direct from UK manufacturer!

Additional information

Cap Colour

Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, Pink

Sound Alarm



WE900 Personal Attack Alarm


110mm x 35mm

Total Weight:



Non toxic, non flammable


Made in the UK


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