KEY RING Personal Alarm


The Walk Easy KEY-RING Personal Alarm.

Simply press the base for an ear piercing siren alarm audible up to 1/4 mile away, to attract attention in an injury or attack situation.

The Walk Easy Key Ring Alarm is small and compact. It has been designed to be able to attach to a key ring thereby making it readily available for use. It may be small but it will produce a sound output of 138+ decibels!

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The Walk Easy Key Ring Personal Alarm.

The Walk Easy KEY RING Personal Alarm is convenient, accessible and easy to use! It easily fits on to your key ring with the supplied metal split ring. Now when you carry your keys you’re ready for any personal emergency.

Simply press the base for an ear piercing 138+ decibel siren alarm which is audible up to 1/4 mile away, to attract attention if you’re injured or attacked. Police and security advisers recommend the use of a Personal Attack Alarm to minimise the threat of assault, rape, mugging, animal attack or obscene phone calls.

Be safe, be confident, Walk Easy with your Key Ring Personal Alarm. Save time and money and it’s easy to order direct from the UK manufacturer.

Additional information

Sound Alarm



1 minute continuous / 30 short blasts


40mm x 36mm

Total Weight:



Non toxic, non flammable


Made in the UK


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